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Divorce The divorce attorneys of Weiler & Lengle understand that very few of life's traumas are as devastating as a divorce. A divorce is second only to the death of a loved one. And, like an individual coping with a death in the family, an individual exper… Read More

What to Expect from Our Attorneys

At our first meeting, we will take the time to listen to you. We want to get to know you and what is important to you so we can guide you to the best possible resolution of your case. Read More

Cost of Divorce

At the conclusion of your initial consultation, we will discuss fees in detail. Weiler & Lengle’s divorce attorneys charge by the hour for our work. Due to the difficult nature of family law litigation, we cannot predict the amount of time… Read More

Property Division

In any Illinois divorce, the spouses will need to divide their property and debts. In the vast majority of cases, our divorce lawyers are able to help the parties negotiate a property settlement agreement and a trial is not required. Our success with… Read More

Judicial Settlement Conferences

Nearly every Illinois divorce case, at some point in time, is going to involve a settlement conference. A settlement conference can take the form of an informal meeting between the parties and their divorce attorneys, a mediation, or a more formal co… Read More

Divorce Checklist

In Illinois, both parties to a dissolution of marriage are required to complete comprehensive financial discovery. The checklist includes list of documents that will be needed to complete this discovery. Read More
Child Custody

Child Custody

Child Custody The child custody attorneys at Weiler & Lengle have extensive experience resolving custody disputes and drafting parenting agreements. Custody of the children is disputed initially in many divorce cases handled by our firm. Fortunately, we are able t… Read More

Child Custody Basics

The basics of Illinois child custody law, including joint and sole custody, parenting time, and the best interests of the child. Read More

Guidelines for Parents

As experienced divorce and child custody attorneys, we know that continuing parental conflict will damage your children’s lives. Your children will thrive after the dissolution of your marriage only if you and your spouse eliminate conflict. We… Read More

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