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Creating an Illinois Parenting Plan That Works for Everyone

 Posted on August 25, 2020 in Illinois Divorce

St. Charles divorce attorney parenting plan

When you have children, getting a divorce can be especially difficult not only because of the emotional impact on the whole family but also because you will need to consider your children’s best interests along with your own when making many important decisions. However, with some effort and flexibility, it is often possible to reach an agreement on your Illinois parenting plan that works for you, your children, and your ex-spouse.

Factors to Consider in Your Parenting Plan

A healthy family dynamic is possible after divorce, but both parents must be willing to compromise. Your best chance at establishing a collaborative agreement on parental responsibilities and parenting time that meets everyone’s needs is to consider factors including:

  • Locations and work schedules: You should consider where both parents will live after the divorce and factor in travel time between locations so that it does not cut into either parent’s time excessively. Also, think about when each parent works or has other significant time commitments so you can organize a schedule in which both parents will be able to make the most of their time with the kids.

  • Activities you enjoy with your kids: You and your child may share a bond through doing certain activities together. For example, you might coach your child’s sports team or volunteer at school or extracurricular events. With a willingness to cooperate, you can try to ensure that the parenting time schedule allows each parent to continue participating in the activities that are most important to them and their children.

  • Your children’s preferences: Especially if your children are older, it is often a good idea to ask them to share their preferences when it comes to the parenting plan. They may have an idea as to how time spent with each parent will allow them to maintain their routine, including their school work, social life, and participation in extracurricular activities. Seeking their input may also help them to feel more comfortable about the divorce and the changes it will bring.

  • Regular communication: To be effective co-parents, you and your ex will need to continue communicating regularly after your divorce. Try to plan in advance how and when discussions will take place, and consider options including face-to-face, phone, text, and email communication. Virtual visits using video apps or programs may also be an option for instances when you cannot physically be with your children. For example, if you are traveling for work, they would still love to see you, and this way, you can talk about your days or even read a good night book to them

Contact a St. Charles Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be a complicated and emotionally taxing experience. At Weiler & Associates, Inc., we can help you establish a parenting plan that focuses on your and your children’s well-being. We also offer divorce mediation services that can help you and your spouse reach collaborative resolutions on a range of issues in your divorce. Contact a Kane County divorce lawyer today at 630-382-8050 to schedule a private consultation.



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