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Establishing and Modifying a Parenting Time Schedule in Illinois

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When you are getting a divorce, reaching an agreement on parenting time can be challenging both emotionally and logistically. It is often hard for parents and children alike to adjust to an arrangement in which they no longer live with each other full time, and with the schedules of several different people to consider, it may be hard to find a solution that allows both parents to make the most of their time while interrupting the children’s routine as little as possible. It is important to think carefully as you create your initial parenting plan and to be open to change in the coming years if necessary.

How to Create a Parenting Time Schedule

During the divorce process in Illinois, the court will usually ask each parent to submit a proposed parenting plan that addresses many important issues regarding parenting time, including a schedule of days to be spent with each parent, plans for transportation between homes, provisions for holidays, and other extenuating circumstances, and provisions for the process of modifying the plan in the future. The court will issue a decision after reviewing both parents’ proposed plans. However, if the parents are able to work together to create a plan, the court will often approve of it as long as the proposed plan is in the children’s best interests.

To ensure that this is the case, you and your spouse should consider the same factors that the court considers as you work together to create a parenting time schedule. These factors include:

  • Your children’s wishes

  • Your children’s needs and physical and mental health

  • Your children’s relationship with each parent and their siblings

  • Your children’s adjustment to their current home, community, and school

  • The distance between your homes and the ease of transportation between them

  • The schedules and routines of you, your spouse, and your children

If the court approves of your plan, it is important that you commit to upholding this agreement for the foreseeable future.

Modifying a Parenting Time Schedule

As time passes after your divorce, you may find that your original parenting time schedule no longer meets your family’s needs. Fortunately, Illinois law allows for the modification of parenting time at any point after the divorce is final. It is usually much easier to obtain court approval for a modification when both parents agree to it, and you may have even included provisions in your agreed-upon parenting plan that speak to how and when you should work together on a new agreement. Possible reasons for a parenting time modification include a parent’s move, especially in the case of a significant relocation (out of state), as well as a significant change in the schedule (work, school) or needs of a child or parent.

Contact a Kane County Parenting Time Lawyer

Co-parenting after a divorce can be challenging to say the least, and typically, both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible. At Weiler and Lengle PC, we provide legal advice and representation to help divorcing parents make parenting time decisions in the best interest of their children and themselves. Contact our knowledgeable and compassionate St. Charles family law attorneys to learn how we can assist you. Call our office today at 630-382-8050 to schedule a confidential consultation.




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