Kane County Hidden Assets LawyerPrior to filing for divorce, a devious spouse may try to hide assets either to capture a greater share of the marital estate out of greed or fear of future financial insecurity or to prevent their spouse from getting a fair share out of spite. This is more likely to happen when certain conditions exist. If any of the conditions discussed below exist in your marriage, then be sure to alert your divorce lawyer about your concerns. Your attorney may recommend hiring a forensic accountant who can study several years’ worth of your tax returns, bank statements, and other financial records to uncover evidence of hidden assets.

When to Be Concerned About Hidden Assets

Some conditions that create greater opportunity for assets to be hidden include:

An experienced forensic accountant should be able to detect changes in your financial records from year to year that suggest the possibility of hidden assets. Requiring independent valuation of all major assets including a spouse’s business is another way to ensure that one spouse does not cheat their way into a disproportionate share of marital property.

Consult an Experienced Kane County Divorce Attorney

If you have a complicated marital estate, be sure to hire a divorce lawyer who is experienced in dealing with high net worth divorces and cases involving hidden assets. Consult an experienced St. Charles divorce lawyer for guidance. Call Weiler & Lengle P.C. at 630-382-8050.