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I came to Mr. Lengle's office one day before my trial was to begin to defend my ex wife's suit to remove our minor son from the state. With just one day's notice, Mr. Lengle was able to grasp the important details of my case and successfully win the battle in court.

I found him to be bright, articulate, personable, extremely knowledgeable regarding the laws in which he deals, and realistic in what to expect from the judge. He did not promise me the world and not deliver, like some attorneys I have heard about.

If you are looking for a cut throat, underhanded, unprofessional, mean divorce attorney to represent you, Mr. Lengle is not the guy for you. He is 100% above board and professional at all times. ...

I would, and have, referred him as a very good choice for divorce or family matters. I hope not to ever need his type of services again, but if I do I would not hesitate to have him represent me again.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

I consider Phil not only my lawyer but also a friend as he truly listens, understands, acts and gets results with integrity. Phil goes out of his way to be sure all the bases are covered by being thorough, accurate and prepared. He represented me very well and handles himself in manner that exudes professionalism. Need a lawyer? Talk to Phil.

– Kevin, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

I have needed Phil's services for the past seven years for numerous post decree issues. Phil has always been fair and honest with me. Phil has allowed me to drive my case, but was always straight forward as to the possible outcomes. He knows the law well, which gives you a realistic expectations. His staff is attentive and timely to your needs. Billing is fair and honest. Phil will be an advocate for you.

– Scott Stoker, LinkedIn Recommendation

I don't have enough positive adjectives to describe how wonderful Phil and his team have been. I hired Phil almost 10 years ago and he helped me navigate a protracted process that included a four day trail and now two years of post-decree issues. From the first day in court, I knew we were prepared, and I was confident that my concerns would be voiced. I wouldn't change lawyers!

Phil is fair, practical, ethical, diligent, responsive and blunt. There has never been a problem reaching Phil, and I can count on him to give me good advice, even if it is sometimes advice I don't want to hear. The decisions are ultimately mine to make, but I believe Phil has helped me keep the "personal" out of the divorce process and focus on the big issues – saving me time, money, and additional stress.

The divorce process and post decree process is expensive no matter which attorney you choose, but I know Phil has saved me money in the short term and the long run, and has helped protect my future. Phil made recommendations when my children were in elementary and middle school that have paid off now that they are in high school and college. Phil helped me focus on the business of divorce, and I’m grateful to have selected Phil and his team.

– Melody, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

The rays of sunlight are now breaking over the eastern horizon. A new day! New hope! The night has passed. Divorce is not easy. Actually, it is outright difficult. It is about having the “right” counsel and direction. Choosing the divorce lawyer and supportive legal team is “huge.” At the beginning of my divorce process I clearly remember that my stress level was in the “red” zone. I consider it a “God send” to have been referred to my divorce attorney, Philip Lengle and his staff, Jane and Emily. I found them to be highly professional, very competent, compassionate and understanding. I always knew I was in “good hands”. All of my questions and concerns were answered directly and in a timely fashion. I believe that no one wants to go through divorce but issues arise and divorce happens.

Mr. Lengle and his staff greatly ameliorated the stress and emotional trauma of my divorce experience. I very humbly and gratefully express my gratitude to the Lengle divorce legal team for assisting me in this very trying time in my life. They have my full endorsement.

– Jeffrey P. Shafer, LinkedIn Recommendation

Phil has not only been an excellent attorney, but I'm proud to consider him my friend. During a challenging time in my life, Phil has been available, considerate and instrumental in guiding me through a difficult process. I recommend him, without reservation, if you desire someone you can trust.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Phil Lengle came recommended from another divorce attorney who had used him for her own proceeding. Phil was always prepared and knowledgeable in every issue I encountered. He handled my case in a calm and professional manner, and the billing was entirely reasonable (much more so than the bill my ex received from her attorney for identical work). After my divorce was finalized Phil represented me on several occasions, and assisted me to successfully represent myself Pro Se in court on several issues. I would recommend his office, and Phil in particular if you ever need a fair, honest, and skilled family law attorney.

– Mark Bertoncini, LinkedIn Recommendation

Phil Lengle was there for me and my family during what was a very difficult time. He was very informative and straightforward with any possible outcomes that may have occurred during my Custody and JPA battles. He was very prepared and the end result was the absolute best outcome for myself and my children. I would recommend Phil for representation to anyone that has to go through these unfortunate situations. He will fight for you and your children's best interest and do so in a well prepared and informative, knowledgeable way to ease any concerns you may have.

Thank you Phil and legal staff for everything - an excellent team to have fighting for you and your children.

– Adrian, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Phil is an excellent Family Law attorney. Phil worked with me for approximately two years during a high conflict divorce and child custody situation with many complications. Throughout the matter, Phil was readily accessible, personable, and professional. Phil was always prepared for hearings and performed well during court proceedings. Phil worked well with the other party's attorneys and had an effective rapport with and understanding of the judges in the case. Phil's extensive experience and knowledge of Family Law enabled him to provide solid advice in a timely fashion, despite whatever circumstances arose. I cannot stress enough that Phil remained positive and committed to resolving the case to my satisfaction, regardless of numerous stressful and unpleasant aspects of the case. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone with a need for an experienced Family Law attorney. Thank you, Phil!!!

– Cathleen Andres, LinkedIn Recommendation

I am truly grateful for the council provided and diligence throughout my situation. I feel I was represented with my best interests throughout the entire process and that made the whole process smooth and stress-free. Availability and responsiveness by Phil and team was second to none.

– Grant, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Phil Lengle is a skilled negotiator who is adept at translating his extensive family law expertise into real results for his clients. Further, his sincerity and integrity inspire genuine trust. Phil is supportive and advocates for his client's interests, from a strong legal standpoint. He is supported by a detail oriented paralegal and administrative team that is committed to prompt client communication. Phil receives my highest recommendation.

– Lisa Yeadon Dahm, LinkedIn Recommendation

I had a very difficult divorce involving custody issues and an extremely inflexible spouse. Philip tackled a very tough case with professionalism and got me a fair settlement given the bad situation he inherited from my previous attorney. We were dealing with a couple of unprofessional opposing attorneys and Philip worked through the deadlocked situation and secured a good solution for my children. He is well respected by other attorneys in both McHenry and Kane counties and is able to get things done. Would recommend him to anyone and would use him again.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

Getting divorced is the single most stressful undertaking a person can experience. Interviewing Attorneys can also be strenuous as well. Within the first 20 minutes of my interview I knew he was the man for the job. The entire process went as planned. Phil did a great job setting expectations and best of all, he was accurate and there were no surprises. I highly recommend Phil and his Team!

– Danny Delgado, LinkedIn Recommendation

Phil has represented me on two occasions, he is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and gets results!!

If you are seeking help in a divorce, you should at minimum meet with Phil and give strong consideration to his expertise.

– Greg, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

... I appreciate that [Phil] Lengle is straight-forward about what is typical and can be expected in a court of law. Upon initial meetings both times, he clears up misconceptions or unrealistic expectations that I have, thus focusing me on the issues that are relevant in court. He pursued only issues, claims, or pleadings that would be considered germane to the cases. I believe this was instrumental in keeping costs down; comparatively speaking, my overall costs have been far lower than those I hear from acquaintances and friends. ...

I find that Lengle and the office do what they say they are going to do, so I do not have to worry and the story doesn't change unexpectedly. I made it a point to contact the office the week before any scheduled court dates and through that contact was kept well informed about plans, progress and expectations. ...

I was confident that he heard everything I needed to say. Sometimes (often) I had to ask for clarification on jargon and I would remind them that I don't know the legal terminology; so Lengle or staff would explain better to me without making me feeling dumb. His actual trial skills evidenced his organizational ability and talent - I was squirming in my seat listening to my children's father on the stand as it was evident through Lengle's questioning what was the truth and what was not. I was impressed with how he actually knew and addressed all aspects of each issue at hand. I have referred Lengle to two friends/acquaintances, one who was very demanding and dissatisfied with former lawyers; both were impressed with his abilities and pleased with their outcomes.

– Jane, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

The Law Office of Weiler & Lengle, P.C. exemplifies vast knowledge of the law and is extremely competent to handle your legal affairs.

Rory and Tim Weiler exceeded my expectations.  They were experienced professionals and worked in an efficient manner. The Weiler's made my situation priority at all times and were compassionate. I would highly recommend the office to anyone looking for outstanding council.

– LeeAnne Nohl

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