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How to Select the Right Attorney for Your Divorce

 Posted on August 09, 2022 in Illinois Divorce

Kane County divorce attorneysOne of the most critical aspects of divorce is selecting an attorney that best fits your needs. It can become overwhelming to decide which divorce lawyer will represent your interests and help you secure the most favorable outcome of your divorce. A few key things to remember when selecting a divorce attorney include the type of divorce you are handling, your budget, and your personal ethics and values. Here are three essential tips for choosing the right attorney for your divorce. 

Consider the Type of Divorce at Hand

Before selecting the best attorney for you, it is crucial to examine what type of divorce process you are facing. There are a few different types of the divorce process that differ in price, complication, and duration, including:

Contested versus uncontested divorces are the most significant variation between divorce processes. During a contested divorce, both partners cannot agree upon at least one crucial aspect of the divorce process. These can lead to conflict, extended negotiation time, and even litigation. Uncontested divorces are more straightforward in that both parties agree on the outcome of the divorce and how property and other assets will be divided for the future. 

High-value assets during a divorce are another aspect that can alter a divorce process. In these situations, spouses may require an attorney with more experience working with high-income clients or an attorney with connections to a financial analyst. 

Similar to high-value asset divorces, spouses divorcing with children may seek a divorce and family attorney with experience or other professional connections working with families and children. Ensuring the best outcome for a child's future and emotional stability during a separation or divorce is a high priority for most parents. 

Determine Your Price Range 

Once you have discovered the type of divorce you are handling, you can estimate a price point for an attorney. Each firm and lawyer's prices, skills, and requirements will vary. As mentioned, a contested divorce may be more expensive due to the extended timeframe or need for mediation, leading partners to want to budget toward a more affordable attorney. Similarly, high-income clients may feel more comfortable paying a higher price for legal representation. Divorces can be expensive, and setting yourself up for financial success is vital as you begin to navigate your new life post-divorce. 

Evaluate Your Ethics and Values 

Another important consideration when choosing the right attorney for your divorce is finding a lawyer you can connect with and trust. Dissolving a marriage is a huge decision that is often emotionally and physically taxing for a family unit. Having a lawyer on your side that represents your values and shares similar ethics to you can provide comfort and trust between all parties. When choosing the best lawyer for your case, consider what aspects of your life are important to you and make sure your attorney can meet those needs.

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